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Thursday, January 26, 2006

the beginning of the end

Today, my best friend's boyfriend, TJ, turned 21. (That's me and him and, appropriately, a Corona beer bottle, in the picture on the left. It was taken about a month ago when we were all in Montreal for New Years.) This got me thinking...

Now, my friends have slowly begun turning 21 and it's not that hard for me to get alcohol if I need it (although it's a lot easier at school than at home!)... but between the time that I leave on Monday and my return at the end of June, I counted that at least FIFTEEN of my VERY close friends at home and at school will turn 21 and be legal to buy alcohol.

This means that this weekend will basically be the last weekend in my life where I have to even question if/when I will be able to get alcohol. Even though I'm not turning 21 for another eight months. (Because in Europe, the drinking age is eighteen.) And that's a very weird feeling.

Although, I won't even really have to worry, because as I said, Lesley's boyfriend is now twenty-one and when I go up to her University to visit tomorrow night, I'm sure that he will be more than willing to stop by the "packy" (that's what we call it up here).

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