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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


1. I have two sisters: the middle sister, Lana, will turn 10 in March, and Deena, the youngest, will be 4 in October. Since I live a home only during vacations, and because of the big difference in age, I am not that close with my sisters. I really do want to try and change this. I wanted to take Lana to the movies while I was home this time to see Cheaper By The Dozen 2. The problem is that I haven't seen the first one and I don't really think going to the movies qualifies as quality bonding time. Also, since I'm leaving in five days, I don't really have time to do that. Please help me and leave your suggestions on fun hanging out/bonding activities for me and my nine-year-old sister.

2. One of the things that I knew I would miss while abroad was The West Wing, arguably my favorite show right now. Well, NBC has made the transition easier by CANCELLING THE SHOW. Now, everyone says that the show became less enjoyable as the seasons went on, but since I'm only on season 3 or 4 or 5 right now, I haven't reached that point yet. Although there are some character switches I'm not such a fan of. (Will Bailey needs to go!) Anyway, I'm upset it's cancelled, but at least this gives me some hope of catching up at some point. Oh, and I found a great quote on the Scripps Howard News Service website:
"It was often said that the TV series "The West Wing" was the Clinton administration the way Hollywood wished it would be."

3. I started packing today. I took out all the clothes I wanted to bring and they actually all fit in one of my suitcases. The other suitcase will have shoes, delicates, toiletries, etc. Things are looking good. Although my list of things to do is still long. Anyway, I decided to leave my "everyone loves a jewish girl" shirt at home, but I couldn't resist bring my "j'adore zeta" shirt. (That's the best picture I could find of me wearing it...)

4. I have a new favorite cheap flight search website - ! I like the site because it searches a LOT of airlines, and it includes the budget airlines, while Kelkoo does not. The only downside is that it only does certain airports. But really, it shows you the two best flights each day and how much they cost and you can pick any day you want. It's hard to explain, but really, you should check it out. I should start charging for this advertising!

5. I don't know if you've noticed but I love lists!


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