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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Octobre 2000

5 years ago, as a sophomore in high school, I participated in a French exchange. Sixteen French students came to Lexington for two weeks in October and then in April the Americans went to France, traveling for a week and staying with families in Antony (it even says that Lexington, Massachusetts and Antony, France are partner cities) for the second week.

I, being a loser and being bored at home, found my old scrapbook, which has the names of the French students.

Marine Abello
Angelique Cheizel
Sophie Bray
Cyril Bonnet
Laure Masson
Camille Becker-Kerurien
Sophie Chen
Florence Coquinot
Arouny Sonphone
Emilie Nief
Patricia LeVan Tinh
Nicholas Bouvet
Cecole Vaudey
Mael Sonrier (My exchange student. He lived with us and then I lived with him.)
Julie Lecarpentier
Marion Douzou

I would love to get in touch with some of those people!

I tried googling them, but couldn't really find anything. Mael may or may not be enrolled at the Lille Graduate School of Management.

But, perhaps they'll try googling themselves someday soon. And then they'll find this blog (and will know I'm looking for them). :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I stumbled on your webpage while looking for someone. I am looking for Sophie Chen one of the LHS foreign exchange students. Can you help? email me at


5/07/2008 4:10 PM  

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